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Cook & Dine Like A Local At The CookAccra Cooking Class This Year of Return.

December in Ghana is truly going to be a remarkable, thrilling and memorable time for Ghanaians and the many diasporas flying in from the United States and other countries. 2019 was declared as the Year of Return which is a major landmark of spiritual and birth-right journey inviting the Global African family, home and abroad, to mark 400 years of the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in Jamestown, Virginia.

Many exciting and entertaining activities have been planned ahead of time with many hotels fully booked months ahead.

A fantastic way to get to know Ghanaian cuisine is through the upcoming cooking class being organised by home chef and food blogger Naa Oyoo. Get to know more about our traditional cooking equipments, techniques and familiarise yourself with our local herbs and spices used in producing our extremely flavour-packed dishes. We take a lot of pride in our local dishes. 🇬🇭

Are you excited? Then book your seat in the cooking class which is accepting only 5 persons per day on 17th and 18th December.

Payment for the class can be done via the local mobile money payment platform. There are many vendors to help you do this, so don't worry at all. You can also sign up here https://forms.gle/LJqzYfrCCF11gWRz7

We look forward creating a memorable experience for you during the Year of Return! Akwaaba! 🇬🇭