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Welcome to CookAccra

Ghanaian Cuisine At Your Fingertips..Literally.


What's Cooking ?

You Will Be Cooking A 3-Course Ghanaian Menu: Soup, Main & Dessert. 

Dive right into your class,  a rewarding session of experiencing how to prepare Ghanaian cuisine basics and local favourites. Our hands-on cooking class/ courses gives you the opportunity to cook side-by-side with our cuisinier.  Learn about basic ingredients and local spices such as grains of selim and the best of cooking practices to produce incredibly flavourful and tasty meals which you can replicate to your family and friends back in your home country.   


The courses start early in the mornings till late lunch time.  


You can also choose to visit  local markets like Makola market where the cuisinier will share more about basic Ghanaian ingredients which will also be bought for the cooking class. 

About the Class

CookingAccra is an Accra based cooking studio which offers private one-on-one cooking lessons on discovering and learning Ghanaian cuisine from basics to full-on traditional meals cooked in new and exciting offerings. Each class is led by culinarian Naa Oyoo Kumodzi. Discover how to shop like a local and get to choose the best ingredients for cooking up your outstanding 3- course meals. We adhere to the teaching principles of dialog and active participation to foster education and self expression. In short, have fun! We want all of our guests to have fun, relax and ask all the questions they want! Welcome!


Opening Hours 

Saturdays: 7am-5pm

* Special days requests are available for booking.  

Ebunuebunu soup made during cookaccra



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